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Iran is boring | North to South

Iran's got it all: deserts, salt lakes, beaches, jungles, modern architecture, astonishing preserved ancient architecture, simple but genius dirt huts, massive ornamented mosques. Moving from the lush green north to the dry and hot south leaves you amazed how diverse this country is.

Teheran Azadi.jpg
Tehran | Northern Iran

Tehran | Northern Iran

14 Million people live in a capital without proper shops or nightlife to make this place a vivid one. Progress seems to have stagnated ever since the revolution in 1979 - a city caught in depression.

Teheran Park Brücke View.jpg
Ramsar Beach Hütte - Mekong more color white Korektur.jpg
Ramsar Beach Fussball - Mekong more color white Korektur-3.jpg
Masuleh Treppe - Soft Pastel Matt Rot.jpg
Masuleh Häuser - Soft Pastel Matt Rot.jpg
Shiraz Pink Mosque- Mekong Market Soft Pastel.jpg
Isfahan | Central Iran

Isfahan | Central Iran

Entering Isfahan means entering the world's largest open-air museum. Whereever you go, worldclass ancient, islamic architecture leaves you speachless and impressed.

Esfahan Siosepol - Mekong more color white Korektur.jpg
Esfahan Siosepol Henni Ruine Kutsche - Mekong more color white Korektur.jpg
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Kashan Moped_Fahrrad Backlit.jpg
Kashan Moschee_Lehm Sonne.jpg
Yazd Feuertempel_demo day freeze.jpg
Yazd Gassen Moped Kabel_demo day freeze.jpg
Yazd | Central Iran

Yazd | Central Iran

Narrow alleyways, isolated streets, old-fashioned houses constructed with dirt and hay. This hidden gem is a true remainder of past times when the Zoroastrians and their cult of fire was predominant.

Yazd Gassen Wand_Lehm Sonne.jpg
Yazd Silent Towers- Mekong Market Soft Pastel.jpg
Yazd Silent Towers Ruine_Sonne Lehm-2.jpg
Yazd Silent Towers Ich Mauer_Lehm Sonne.jpg
Esfahan Siosepol Henni Ruine 1- Mekong more color white Korektur.jpg