Auntie Persilla

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Who Is AuntiePersilla

Auntie Persilla is an alter-ego created by Munich-based entrepreneur and photographer Michael Strommer. My ambition is to showcase the diversity of this planet in a narrative story through photographs. My goal: to convey authentic impressions from people, the places they live in and their way of life - from all over the world.

During my business studies at TUM I developed a strong interest for the different forms of economic development in a globalized world. When traveling, I'm looking for opportunities to capture the impacts of these developments on socioeconomic disciplines such as technology, politics, society and culture.  

I turn to street photography in order to portray these disciplines in a photo journalistic manner before post-processing the photographs in an artsy fashion. My photographs are edited in a way to look minimalistic and clean. 


What I Can Do For YoU

If you are looking for clean photographs or journalistic content, let's work together! Do you have an event coming up? You are looking for someone to photograph your family party or corporate event? You need minimalistic and clean photos for your company or personal website? 

If you are looking for somebody to tell YOUR story through photographs, then feel free to send a brief inquiry! I am happy to talk through any wishes together with you.

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